Copper tube for brake lines

Copper tube for brake lines

Our tube is made of the highest quality raw material and has high corrosion resistance. The outer diameter, wall thickness and chemical composition of the material from which it is made are standardized.

  • Copper Cu-DHP
  • Available diameters – Ø 4,75 mm
Meets the requirements of the PIMOT Material Testing Laboratory

Outer diameter *

  • Pressure** – 312 bar
  • Available lenght: 10 m, 15 m, 25 m, 50 m

*The values given refer to the external diameter of the copper pipe.

** The pressure values indicated in the table above are calculated for soft pipes, without PVC coating. Max. allowable internal pressure when Rm = 200N / mm² and the safety factor is 3.5, temperature +20° C. Calculations are made according to German standards.

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